April 29, 2015 (2)

Sammy and Julia comes the congratulations bring for me rez day

Julia do a little more *smiles*

Taby and Niki come take a look

No words

Meghan comes too and we going a little dance

A little gift from Meghan *smiles*

*tries her butt rubbing and looking to the dance couple*

April 29, 2015 (1)

Today, April 29th, is my fifth rezz day. I spent five enjoyable days are behind me, so also the last year. When I look back, there were many nice moments. In particular, the days with my partner Cheryl, my best friend Abby and especially many pets that belong to our family. As Jenny, Jo and Meghan. But many others, Sammy, Sue, Gwen, Niki, Taby, Candy, Adele, Hannah, Kylie, Sam, Felster, Evelyn, Jewel, Bobbi, Calira, Lala, Marion, Nico, Prinven, Zephaney, Arimonika, Mo, Kai , Whirly, Navy,Chorazin. Many Dominants like Miss Ashley, Isabel, MIss Pfil, Miss Andi, Miss Lonka, Miss Meghen, Sir Philip, Miss Vixen, Miss Olivia, Sir Mythryn, Miss Julia, Miss Xara and Miss Abi. And many others that I am forgotten.

Karin 2011-2015

April 28, 2015

Was just inworld and Miss Olivia had me found, she lock me very quickly and vanish again *smirks*

And there stay I, locked and helpless *whimpers*

Later on the day was Jo there for a nice meet *giggles and re-locks her arms*

Ouch! That was a firm spank on my butt cheek